VIP Healthconnect is an application for integrating IP telephony system; Cisco Unified Communications Manager with a hospital’s HIS/CIS systems and other third party systems (e.g., Nutrition system, Nurse Call Pillow Speaker System, content management systems, IPTV & VoD systems, etc.).

As a global Cisco Technology Developer Partner, Nevotek has handled numerous Cisco Unified Communications Manager (CUCM) based IP telephony systems integration projects to enable our customers to fully utilize Cisco’s unified communications capabilities. We have developed several additional features and functions for use via touchscreen GUI menus on the IP phones.

IP phone capabilities for VIP Healthconnect are available for: 

1. Billing and Accounting
2 .Voicemail and IVR
3. IP Phone XML services (via graphical menus on color touchscreen GUIs)
         a. Information services
                    i. World weather
                    ii. RSS news feeds (CNN, BBC, etc.)
                    iii. Airline information
         b. Reminder / wakeup service
         c. Patient locator service for nurses
                    i. For finding patient bed location
         d. Emergency code implementation service
             There are certain emergency codes being used in hospitals to alert personnel of the need to take immediate action in case of an emergency (e.g., alert color codes
             include Blue: Cardiac Arrest Adult,
             Pink: Cardiac Arrest Child,
             White: Violent Person,
             Red: Fire / smoke,
             Green: Internal Disaster or Evacuation Plan, etc.)
         e. Several other XML services can be included and customized according to the specific needs of each particular hospital and ward and used on IP phones.

4. Room Controls (Curtains, Lights, HVAC, etc.,) via integration with a Building Management System [BMS] such as Inncom, VDA, Control4, Crestron, etc.)