NHS (Nevotek Healthcare Suite) integrated architecture makes the most efficient use of the communications infrastructure, premise-based healthcare equipment, and mobile devices.

  • VIP Healthconnect
    • For System integration of IP phones (Cisco)
  • Patient Entertainment
    • For Info-tainment over IP TV, video on demand (VoD)
  • Patient Comfort
    • For controlling room lighting, curtains, A/C temperature, and fan speed
  • Supersign
    • For digital signage
  • Nemo (Mobile)
    • For accessing NHS services over mobile devices such as iPad, Android-based tablets, etc.
  • Unilink
    • For High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) provisioning and billing

    NHS acts as the middleware platform to manage patient engagement information, educational and entertainment content, and the information flow and environmental controls (e.g., lighting, air conditioning, curtains, etc.). It does this by integrating with related third party systems such as HIS/CIS over the HL7 protocol to retrieve patient profile information during admission, to prepare the room’s TV provision the IP phone in the room “as customized” according to the patient profile.

    NHS can also integrate with the systems listed below:

  • IPTV system for providing TV channels in groups of choice or as per patient profile (based on age, gender, language, etc.)
  • Content management systems for patient education and information
  • Video on demand system for movies and music
  • IP phone systems for voice communication and for XML services
  • Room management and environment control systems for controlling the lighting, curtains and blinds, and adjusting room temperature and fan speed on A/C unit — all via TV screen menus, IP phone touchscreen menus, and iPads and Android-based mobile devices to maximize the patient’s comfort in the hospital room
  • NHS platform includes application modules that run together and are integrated with other hospital-specific third party systems. This creates a unified platform for all services from all possible enduser devices, including TVs, phones, and other mobile IP devices.

    Each NHS application can run independently or together in any combinations and may be customized based on the specific needs of each hospital.

    NHS TV, IP phone and mobile device menus are all accessed through the icon-based, user friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) on  these devices.

    NHS also has a Web-based system management interface for customizing services, menus, background pictures, etc., and also used for system management. Menu icons shape, size, and color graphics can all be customized through the Web-based management console.