Supersign Provides digital signage functionalities, facilitates the creation, management, and display of different types of content on digital signage for common areas of a hospital. Supersign includes three main modules;

  • Designer
  • Content Manager
  • Media Player

The Designer module allows the administrator to create a template for creation of digital signage within the company network. The template can include multiple frames so different gadgets (digital signage displays) can be used to have a specific area for the news, which can be updated in real-time. Once information is entered, the content manager takes over.

The Content Manager module is a web-based application that schedules and manages multimedia content that isconfigured by administrators. It is the brains of a digital signage network and is able to manage digital content and support plan-based scheduling of content through timetables, playlists, and templates created in the Designer module.

The Media Player modules play the content that is displayed on digital signage displays. The player modules run continuously and update the content based on direction by the Content Manager.